Shadows of the Dark Crystal

Jim Henson's the Dark Crystal Series #1
Illustrated by Brian Froud and Cory Godbey

Return to Thra, years before The Dark Crystal…

A shadow is spreading across the lands of the Gelfling—fracturing the world of Thra and corrupting all in its path.

When her twin brother is accused of high treason by the Skeksis overlords, there is no doubt in Naia’s mind that there has been a mistake. Why would any Gelfling betray their lords and protectors?

To prove her brother’s innocence and defend the honor of her clan, Naia leaves her remote village to stand trial before the Skeksis and the Gelfling Queen. Her journey to the Castle of the Crystal reveals more than just clues to the true events surrounding her brother’s betrayal – something dark is overtaking Thra, and Naia’s path leads straight to the heart of it.

Praise for Shadows of the Dark Crystal

With deft nods to the original Dark Crystal movie and a passionate attention to detail, the author has fashioned an impressive prequel. Fans (who will instantly recognize certain elements) and newcomers alike will find themselves immersed in a new narrative, with new protagonists and dangers to face. Readers who crave otherworld fantasy such as Jaleigh Johnson’s The Mark of the Dragonfly and Paul Durham’s The Luck Uglies will enjoy discovering this new series.
—School Library Journal

While young readers probably won’t have seen the film, the books might lead them to it; even if they don’t have that point of reference, Henson’s world is richly imagined here, and it will be well worth the projected four books to explore the landscape, characters, and storylines.
—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Characters and situations are compelling, and this first of a planned four-volume series aptly sets the stage and the conflict and tugs strongly on the heartstrings, setting readers up for more great adventures