She is indeed a side character, but even so, she has her set of inspirations. Trixxy has always, for years, been Blu’s best friend. The kind that puts up with your crazy antics through thick and thin and doesn’t try to steal your boyfriend. Right, Trixxy?

When I think of Trixxy I think of Rachel McAdams, especially in her curly-hair brunette days… I also think of Amelia Earhart. No real idea why. Trixxy = trix = aviatrix? Dominatrix? Wait, that’s Blu… I don’t know, I just imagine her with her aviator’s skull-cap and goggles and scarf. Maybe it’s the steampunk in me?


Trixxy’s signature car is the 1969 Mustang Boss 429. Something almost cartoonish in proportion, bigger than life, that went along with Blu’s 1969 Vette. Eh? Eh??

Finally, Trixxy doesn’t fire any guns or kill anyone in GEARS, so maybe she could have had her gun inspiration replaced with a toolbelt… but in the spirit of the Boss Mustang I kind of thought a 1866 Winchester shotgun might be nice. I can sort of imagine her out on the range with her bandanna up over his face, shootin’ varmints… ha!